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Adventure - Genuine - Passion - Enjoyment - Mindfulness - Sustainability 


The Bike Farm Experience


The Bikefarm Experience

                                        We are welcoming you to our home..
Where our passion is to create a wow memory that will sit with you for the long term and we do that both by taking you slightly outside of your comfort zone with hand picked adventures but at the same time we will surround with so much cosiness that you will just feel like home.

At our farm, it is completely up to you what you would like to do each day, when you arrive you can choose if you feel like riding some of Icelands flowiest trails, chasing waterfalls on a hike or just take it easy by the farm surrounded by the animals.





Had an amazing few days on the Bikefarm. Super friendly and warm hearted host family who provides an excellent authentic experience and absolutely stunning scenic rides. I will make may way back there again when I get the opportunity.