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Let us introduce you to our home, Iceland Bike Farm

Welcome to our home Mörtunga

Mörtunga has been in our family for generations, or since Rannveig´s great grandfather built the old farm in 1907. Rannveig grew up at the farm with her parents, siblings, grandparents and uncle. Now she runs Iceland Bike Farm, guesthouse, bike rental and event venue as well as keeping things going around the farm. Sheep have been roaming on the land of Mörtunga since the time of settlement and our trails are an obvious reminder of that. Today we have few horses, two friendly dogs called Tryggur and Mosi, a cat called Mjá, few chicken and our neighbours sheep visiting in the summer time.

We are a family of three that live at the farm all year, me Rannveig and my kids Heiða and Steinn, but in the summer time we have our wonderful employees, friends and family helping out around the farm. We feel very fortunate to be able to live in such a paradise but it´s also a big responsibility to be a guardian of land. 

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