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Let us introduce you to what we have to offer at Iceland Bike Farm

The Glamping Huts:

Each hut can take 3 to 4 persons in made-up beds with a small seating area. Wake up in the morning, step outside on the patio outside the hut & enjoy the fresh air, mixed with a spectacular view over the river Geirlandsá.
After an action-packed day it´s nice to enjoy short hikes & get lost in the open nature that surrounds our farm.

The Bike Barn:

The Bike barn is located a few steps from the huts. Inside you will find a guest-kitchen & a comfortable place to hang out and relax, have a drink or read a book. It´s also equipped with showers, toilets, a steaming sauna, cold tub & a place to dry wet clothes.

On special requests, we can turn the barn into a yoga studio where our professional yoga instructor will help you stretch your body and soften you up for the next adventure. You are also free to do yoga on your own in there.

The Farm:

Iceland Bike Farm is a traditional Icelandic farm. There you will find horses, some chicken, the friendliest dogs and a cuddly cat. While staying with us, you are free to visit the animals.

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