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The Bike Farm Experience


Welcome to Iceland Bike Farm, where we focus on delivering an authentic and pure local experience.

With 11.000 hectares of land that leads up to the highlands, shaped by steep canyons and waterfalls, you will feel like alone in the world.


What to expect:

Private stay on a farm

- 11.000 ha backyard to explore

- Some of Icelands best MTB trails

- Unlimited access to hiking/riding trails

- Unique nature with over 20 waterfalls and canyons




What's included:

- Made up accommodation in a cozy little hut 


Homemade farm style breakfast 

- Unlimited access to marked trails for riding, hiking and mountain running

- Yoga mats, sauna and towels



One day-night, one hut (1-4 persons):           50.000 ISK

                        One day-night, both huts (1-8 persons):               100.000 ISK    100% PRIVATE

       Full suspension MTB rental                    10.000 ISK




Season:  All days from May - Oktober

Group size: Up to 8 person, stay in touch for bigger groups

Detailed description:


The first settlers of Iceland arrived in on the south coast (875), not to far away from Bike Farm. Almost since that day, sheep have been roaming the mountains surrounding our farm, forming what we today call our Single Track. 

With few modifications, our tracks brings you riding or hiking  epic nature of spectacular canyons & waterfalls, far away from everything but birds and sheep.

Our farm and property is 11 thousand hectares, with lots of beautiful trails through mountains, valleys and canyons. The farm has been in the family for five generations and still today it is a small family operation. We welcome people from all over the world to our home for a private, exclusive experience, where you can easily spend a few days with new adventures without meeting a single person. We offer a great variety of trails for mountain biking, hiking and trail running. The trails are well marked for guests to go on their own.


The hosts and guides are Rannveig and Mummi.

Rannveig grew up at the farm with her parents, siblings and grandparents. She has a great passion for farming and spends as much time in nature and with the animals as possible. She also has a masters degree in environmental science and is super enthusiastic about a greener and more sustainable future.

Mummi is a certified adventure guide, a life coach, an EMT and an avid mountain biker. His passion is to connect with people, take them safely outside of their comfort zones and guide them through memorable adventures. Together they have two children Heiða (6) and Steinn (5), always ready to show people around the farm.


We offer accommodation in two huts that fit up to four people in each hut. Next to the huts there is the newly renovated barn, Fjósið, where you find wc, showers and sauna, and a chill area to have breakfast, cook dinner, sit and eat, relax, have a drink or do some yoga. There is also an outdoor grilling area and a small fireplace to sit around in the evening. 

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