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Meet The Team



Owner - Farmer - Guide

Rannveig was born & raised at the farm. Her family has been farmers for generations, and she has followed her ancestors footsteps with the passion for farming and being in nature.



Owner - Farmer - Guide

Mummi, found Rannveig & got introduced to farming, he fell for it. With Rannveig´s knowledge on farming, Mummi brought his love for mountain biking into the created the beautiful harmony.




Sissú is a dear family friend and a super talented guide.

Over all he is the calmest person you will meet but at the same time he is the fastest and the most talented rider! He is the record holder of popping tyres which means that he is a master in fixing them as well!

During your stay at the farm or by joining some of our activities, it is very likely that you meet some other members of our family. Mummi and Rannveig´s kids Heiða and Steinn are usually not far away, running around or making sure you´ll meet our friendly dog Tryggur. Mummi´s parents are often at the farm, Björg (Mummi´s mom) is an avid mountain biker, a multiple ultra trail runner, and a yoga teacher. If she is not guiding our tours she is joining them. Markús (Mummi´s dad) is known for keeping the fun going after tours, by playing his guitar and singing, especially when Mummi joins him with the drums. Rannveig´s parents are also a regular sight at the farm, Gurrý, her mom makes the most delicious cakes that we offer at the barn, and Óli, her dad is checking if things are going well at the farm, driving his blue pick-up. Then there are Ossi (Rannveig´s cousin) and Árni (Rannveig´s brother-in-law) our super helpful shuttle drivers, Then there is Tóta (Rannveig´s sister) and Addi (Mummi´s brother) regular co-guides, as well as many more helpers all around!

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