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We are a small, family run locally based adventure tour company. As well as offering all sorts of adventures into the surrounding nature of this part of Iceland, we also specialize in mountain biking and fat biking.

Located in the mountain biking paradise area of Kirkjubæjarklaustur, South-East Iceland, we have a large selection of trails in our backyard.

Our ambition is to offer a unique variety of tours, in several modes of transport, and to provide you with an adventure you won´t forget! Added to this, we aim to impart as much knowledge and appreciation of this area of South Iceland as we can. We wish to give depth in all aspects of our tour provision, environmental and cultural.

Mummi (on the right) has been a mountain-bike fanatic all his life. Mummi is a certified adventure guide, rescue team member, an EMT and a caring sheep farmer. He will take very good care of you!

Rannveig (on the left) is a born and bred local to the area and knows a story for every stone on the way. Rannveig is a biologist with special interest in plants, although farming is her livelihood.

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